About Us

Company Mission

We strive to give our clients the best property services and values that they can find in the market, provide them with the relevant information required to make informed decisions through dedication to the highest quality of customer satisfaction delivered with a sense of warmth, professionalism and company spirit.

Company Vision

To become the regional leading service provider for real estate products and services.


  • Experience: Capital care homes ltd staff has employees with vast and continuous experience in property and real estate management industry.
  • Punctuality: We take into consideration the importance of meeting deadlines; our services are delivered on or before the due date.
  • Reliability: Backed by solid experience and delivery track record, we offer reliable services.
  • Highly qualified Personnel: Our team of staff is highly qualified both academically and from an experience point of view.
  • Adherence to standards:  We adhere to the world wide property concepts and technologies.
  • Innovation– We strive to ensure the delivery of ultimate client satisfaction through periodic innovation of quality services.

Above all our strong history of excellent performance stands.

Please find herewith attached an outline of the company’s property management services.

 Property Management

Rent collection and general maintenance of a rental property can be a tedious task when left to an individual owner. At Capital Care Homes And Property Consultants Limited, we offer diligent property management services which involve:

Assessment of Rent Service Charge

As part of our management services we carry out rental assessment of all rent able areas and advice the client accordingly. The assessment becomes the basis for negotiations with the tenants.

We also carry out an assessment for all the required space and determine the service charge which will be adequate to cover the cost of nearly all outgoings including the cost of maintaining the property.

Property Letting

Giving a property the exposure it deserves to find quality tenants or to sell for the right price requires enormous commitment and thorough exposure. At Capital Care Homes And Property Consultants Limited, we give our clients access to substantial exposure and to our pool of high-quality tenants the turnover time for their properties and achieving a better price

Our work involves:

  • Designing attractive colour brochures for the property for advertisement purposes
  • On site marketing via signboards, banners and the stationing of a caretaker where applicable
  • Media marketing through newspapers, property magazines and other publications
  • Internet marketing through our prominent website, http://www.capitalcare.co.ke
  • Using social media i.e. facebook, twitter, Olx, 2ishi.com
  • Identification and vetting of potential tenants
  • Finalizing rental of the property on the best terms

Allocation of Space

We evaluate the uses for which tenants require space, determine the minimum rentable areas and ensure harmonious allocation of space to avoid conflicting uses and space wastage.

Collection of rent and service charge

Rent collections starts when we rent a property by conducting thorough vetting, signing and executing lease agreements. We ensure that the rent and service charge are collected in time and account for them on monthly basis on or before the 10th of each month in advance whereby we provide with rent statements attached with banking slips for your records. In this respect we have a fully fledged accounts department. Through our wide market we ensure that at no time does your premise remain vacant thus ensuring constant flow of income to meet your financial obligations. It is good to note all our clients with mortgage obligations are ahead of their respective repayment schedules.

Customer care

Through our professional handling of your tenants your premises becomes a destination of choice for the best tenants avoiding high levels of vacancy which would disrupt your financial cash flow.


We supervise all general maintenance and cleaning works to ensure high standards of maintenance. In this regard, we negotiate and advice the clients on the best terms for various contracts that may be necessary in the management of the property e.g. general maintenance, security, fire fighting, cleaning and caretaker services, etc.


We oversee all partitioning and other improvements works by tenants and ensure the desired design and standards of materials used are maintained throughout.


We negotiate on behalf of the landlord, advice on suitable leases and ensure their timely execution. This is important to avoid undesirable clauses and the possibility of protected tenancies.

Protected tenancies

In the premises with protected tenants we use our skills to realize the best rent in the market while endeavoring to remove the protection.

Tenant complains

We attend to tenants complaints relating to the property as it is essential to maintain good landlord and tenant relations.

Old debts

Most property owners have a hard time dealing with old debts. At Capital Care homes ltd, we first ensure that inherited leases are followed to the letter through executions on payment deadline. We terminate lease contracts with rent defaulters. Moreover, we deny access to tenant who have not made rent payment as per the agreement. We also engage auctioneers were necessary.


On behalf of the landlord and with his/her approval, we pay the rent and service charge proceeds and the following outgoings when they fall due.

  • Local authority rates
  • Land rent
  • Insurance
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Income tax
  • Staff wages
  • Mortgage repayments


We make regular inspections on the property and half yearly submit reports with any necessary recommendations on improvements of the property when necessary.

In addition we have a monthly, quarterly brief which is inco-operated in the rent statement. The brief reports on any changing factors in the period ending e.g. tenants, rent escalation, expenses etc and is meant to keep the landlord closely informed on all our management activities.

Our company stands out from the rest in Nakuru and considering the above we are highly recommended in provisions of requisite services.